LSI Opulence Lighting Industry Campaign

LSI Industries sought out AMBI's expertise in the architectural lighting market and as a result, Opulence’s reputation excelled.

The Client

LSI Industries

LSI Industries is a Cincinnati-based industrial and architectural lighting manufacturer. As a true industry leader, the company has grown to generate revenues exceeding $500MM annually. LSI sought out AMBI’s marketing expertise in the architectural lighting industry to increase interest in one of its more aesthetics-forward product families, Opulence.

The Task

Highlighting Superiority

Opulence combines superior design with ultimate customizability. Five mounting styles, seven optical distributions, and a range of standard and custom RAL finishes lend maximum versatility to the end user. Prior to the campaign, the product was seen as a contractor-grade option for applications like parking lots, but LSI needed to position Opulence in the spec market.

LSI Social

The Campaign

Flex your Finish

Focused on striking warm colors, the campaign’s style took a bold and creative approach to an established product line. Retro-modern visuals evoked memories of a time when the living legends of design created spaces that we celebrate today. AMBI showed specifiers that Opulence offers the same opportunity to today’s architects and lighting designers to create truly memorable spaces, with an accessible price tag.

Exploded product imagery communicated complex technical benefits while precise angles and robust hues excited consumers and flexed LSI’s expansive finish options. The team deployed an integrated campaign including video content, social posts, email marketing, and PR to an outstanding effect, captivating the architectural lighting industry.

The Results

An Outcome that is anything but Light

The campaign brought in a total of 1,236 new visitors to its landing page, ultimately resulting in a major uptick in quotes and specifications of Opulence for higher-end applications like college and corporate campuses, public parks, and other spaces where landscape architects need to make an aesthetic splash.

LSI Application