Miniature Luminarie, Maximum Inspiration

Luminii Stenos Think Small

Talking about commercial lighting product specifications can be thorny, but not for AMBI. Our team built the “Think Small” campaign around the Stenos micro-linear product launch.

The Client


Stenos is Luminii’s smallest slimline linear product family. Featuring downlight and track options, these small giants create discreet architectural lighting accents supporting a wide variety of applications. Stenos is suitable for high-end residential, museum, hospitality, commercial office, and retail environments. AMBI created the “Think Small” campaign, a push that saw Stenos products launch with unparalleled success.

The Task

Own and Elevate the Product Launch

Engineered with an all-new and proprietary micro-optics engine, Stenos light sources push more light forward in a compact package delivering superior uniform light output, color consistency, and high CRI. Luminii needed marketing support to communicate these features effectively, uplifting the miniature luminaires. AMBI sought to enlighten new users of the products with a 360° campaign that included concept development, strategy, web design, social media, email marketing, digital and print ads, custom print work, and PR.

STENOS Paperclips

The Campaign

Think Small: Lighting Marketing Reimagined

Crisp photography measured the miniature size of Stenos against small objects such as pencils and dice in playful scenarios. We showed lighting designers that the models are smaller than ever, capable of elevating spaces with their streamlined micro linear profiles, proprietary micro-lens, and high-end architectural details. Groundbreaking in the commercial lighting industry, this aspect of the campaign perfectly communicated the profile of these luminaires — compact, discreet, and the perfect accent lighting solution in any designer’s repertoire.

Another key facet of the campaign was the modifiable nature of these luminaires. Stenos Track is field-cuttable and features a variety of joiner styles that are easy to install. With 12”, 5”, and 3” modules, you can enjoy any configuration, and the Stenos Easy Snap beam-shaping accessories and louver enable you to transition with ease. With almost endless unique depictions of the system, AMBI comprehensively displayed its versatility through the smart placement of photography and video content. By leveraging the capabilities of our talented design team, we made the Stenos product launch a visual bonanza that attracted lighting designers and architects alike.

The Results

More Than Meets the Eye

By presenting the low profile, field-configurable luminaire with a persuasive and robust campaign, AMBI helped Luminii exceed its goals, adding another high-performance luminaire to its roster. As a part of AMBI’s PR push, Luminii accepted the 2021 Product Innovation Award from Architectural SSL Magazine and a 2021 selection in the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report, among other awards.