Glow with the Tide

SENSO by Luminii

AMBI embarked on a journey with Senso, building an integrated and intentional marketing campaign to elevate the product portfolio of Luminii's lighting brand.

The Client


Senso is a Calgary, Canada-based lighting manufacturer known for state-of-the-art in-house operations, meticulous attention to color rendering, and exceptional customer service. In 2019, Luminii added Senso to its increasingly diverse profile of lighting brands. With numerous fully-immersible, waterproof luminaires, Senso’s products excel in a variety of applications.

The Task

Arising from the Depths: An Immersive Campaign

From initial strategy development to tactical implementation, AMBI transformed Senso, emboldening a unique lighting brand personality around the innovative products. In collaboration with Luminii, we developed concepts and strategy before executing our vision with email marketing, social media, photography, video, web design, and PR.

Luminii SENSO Post

The Campaign

A Splash of Sophistication

Highlighting the Trident, Leto 11, and Leto 11.5 wet-rated products, AMBI gave Senso’s marketing a splash of sophistication inspired by the Greek God of the sea, Poseidon. Using aspirational, polished photography, we showcased the endless indoor and outdoor applications of Trident, allowing customers’ imaginations to overflow. Our creative visual work brought clarity and purpose to the many technical features that allow Senso to add distinctive new dimensions to wet spaces. Specified as flush mount, surface mount, bracket mount, or a suspended system, these versatile luminaires needed a spokesperson to present their complex benefits in the simplest terms. Taking exotic ideas and turning them into professional solutions, our designers communicated Senso’s most essential messaging with ease.

Available with an array of modifiable features, the Senso 11 and 11.5 cylinder fixtures bring with them a wave of endless possibilities. Because these products are architecturally designed specifically for wet location applications, we knew we had to embrace a visual identity that comes from the sea. Leveraging the immense power of the sea’s symbolism, we gave the bespoke, bespattered fixtures the witty and cultured marketing support it needed to thrive.

Noteworthy Stats

Here are some highlights from the holiday campaign


Increase in Instagram Likes


Increase in Twitter Retweets


New LinkedIn Followers


Increase in Twitter Impressions

SENSO Downlights
Luminii SENSO with water