Luminii’s Lighting Capabilities and AMBI’s Supreme Creative Form a Mighty Metamorphosis

Luminii STENOS

Luminii—a lead LED lighting manufacturer and AMBI—a boundary-pushing team of creatives merged their respective industry-defining intelligence to formulate a stunning campaign for STENOS, creating one-of-a-kind photoshoots, brochures, videos, and more.

The Problem

Luminii Needed to Capture Small, But Powerful

A consistent leader in the architectural lighting space, Luminii designed STENOS, their smallest architecturally engineered downlights, that feature crisp light output, color uniformity, and high CRI. Between one and twelve inches in size, Luminii required a campaign that properly showcased STENOS’ profound size, while highlighting its uniquely powerful specs.

STENOS social

The Task

Portray STENOS' Revolutionary Design and Potential

Because STENOS is a barrier-shattering leap for Luminii, they needed to capture the essence of the product when revealing it to the world, and that’s where AMBI optimized the process. While ideating on a proper campaign execution, AMBI chose to draw inspiration from STENOS’ strengths, particularly its micro-optics, which led to the overarching theme of “Small Wonders.”
That idea then led to a further exploration of what could be considered a “Small Wonder.” With those thoughts in mind, petite and beautiful butterflies were used to properly capture the scale of STENOS’ compact beauty and elegant design. Luminii’s lighting products inspire the industry, but it’s AMBI’s clever ideas and thoughtful campaign execution that lets STENOS shine.

STENOS Brochure
STENOS photoshoot

The Deliverables

Portray STENOS' Revolutionary Design and Potential

After determining a successful campaign manifesto, AMBI delivered a curated list of impactful deliverables that fully capitalize on the wonder of STENOS. Those deliverables include a brochure, comparative one-sheets, photoshoots, videos, renders, and branding work for their website, social media, and emails.


Exploring both the origin of STENOS and its design specifications, AMBI designed and wrote copy for a brochure that gave readers the A to Z about everything STENOS had to offer with a sense of style. AMBI organized the brochure to effortlessly position STENOS in natural environments, while providing precise and accurate copy to best explain each of STENOS’ valuable functions and applications. 

One Sheets

AMBI fashioned a series of extensive one sheets that offered a more granular exploration of each STENOS luminaire family, expanding on their specifics while keeping the information streamlined and effective. These one sheets were specifically designed to showcase the STENOS specs and how the product might elevate a space. With a side-by-side layout calling out the delicate details of the product, while also showcasing it in a gorgeous application.


Potentially the most impactful aspect of the Small Wonders campaign was capturing the “small wonders” themselves. Complete competence and patience allowed AMBI to position real butterflies with STENOS’ products, truly highlighting the most important details of Luminii’s new micro-optics line. The butterflies offered an air of sophistication and beauty, while also highlighting the product’s scale, since the size of a monarch butterfly is understood universally.


AMBI produced a short teaser video for STENOS that gave users a taste as to what was in store. AMBI skillfully navigated the slippery slope, and revealed just enough to pique interest without completely fumbling the mystery of STENOS’ full capabilities.


AMBI created stellar and incredibly accurate renders for all of STENOS’ products, which allowed for a more creative use of their style. Between full family renders, application renders, and individual product renders AMBI had a full library of resources to pull from when designing for their brochure, website, social media, and more. These quality renders allow users to get a full grasp on the products’ capabilities and how they fit within their environments. 

Digital Assets

The final piece of Luminii’s lighting puzzle is their website, social media, and emails. AMBI crafted unique branding that was translatable to all matter of digital deliverables. Through that branding, AMBI made social posts, a landing page, and a number of email designs that fit within the STENOS parameters. 

STENOS Brnading
Before STENOS Render
After STENOS Render

The Results

Less Really is More

STENOS truly epitomizes the phrase “less is more,” offering a variety of luminaires, some of which are even smaller than a butterfly, yet they deliver power unforeseen for something their size. Luminii’s lighting expertise went through a metamorphosis that paid off astronomically, as did their partnership with AMBI.

STENOS Application Render
STENOS Application Render
STENOS Photoshoot