Millicare® and AMBI's Story

Millicare Rebrand

Cincinnati’s premiere marketing agency and one of the nation’s strongest commercial property maintenance companies collaborated to portray the high-end value that brand activations have—delivering fast-paced growth with profitable and consistent business.

The Problem

Millicare® Needed an X Factor

Formerly owned by Milliken & Company, MilliCare® was invested in by The Riverside Company in 2021. However, The Riverside Company acknowledged MilliCare’s lack of brand equity and surmised that they needed an X factor to differentiate them from their competitors. Their outdated branding required an entire remodel.

Millicare Application Render

The Task

A Rebrand of the Millicare® Core

Brought on for full rebranding work, AMBI and MilliCare® began their partnership. After establishing a consistent working relationship, AMBI’s full MilliCare rebrand led to stakeholder interviews, redeveloping branding for all aspects of the businesses, and producing high-quality videos. With the internal problems diagnosed from the stakeholder interviews, AMBI successfully redefined MilliCare’s brand identity. Through that redefinition process, AMBI created countless deliverables and projects to establish consistency across all public-facing channels. 

After the departure of MilliCare’s marketing director at the time, there was a hole to fill in the MilliCare marketing department. With the new partnership solidified, AMBI stepped in to provide top-to-bottom support on all marketing strategies and execution. AMBI worked closely with the 
CEO and CGO to determine corporate goals and the best method for achieving them.

The Deliverables

AMBI's Rebrand Execution

Following the discussion of strategy with internal MilliCare® leadership, AMBI got to work managing MilliCare’s social channels, designing in-person events, providing collateral, email campaigns, and day-to-day 
franchise support.

Social Media & Strategy

AMBI generated content buckets for MilliCare’s social channels, established a posting calendar, and then executed the strategy by designing and writing for those posts. Thanks to that work, MilliCare has seen a marked increase in engagement on all social platforms which continues to increase every month. With higher engagement, MilliCare stays in the view of their clients, franchise owners, and audiences, leading to higher revenue.

Event Activation

AMBI also provided in-person brand activations, like their Dirty Dancing with MilliCare event and trade show booths. AMBI also created their Hawaii trade show helicopter ride giveaway. That Hawaii trade show giveaway directly led to a deal being closed between MilliCare and the raffle winner. These in-person interactions AMBI facilitated allowed MilliCare to physically get in front of their potential clients in a fun and engaging way that created new opportunities for their business. 

Email Marketing

AMBI composed email marketing campaigns to extend the reach of MilliCare’s brand. Similar to social content, email campaigns are meant as a more personal alternative to marketing, offering clients and potential clients a reminder of MilliCare’s extensive services. These emails also serve as a resource for franchise owners to reach out to their local clients personally with a polished and valuable message.

Franchise Resource Development

The franchise development AMBI provided enabled franchise owners to be successful, fostering goodwill with the entire MilliCare corporation from the bottom up. By providing resources to the franchise owners from MilliCare, their confidence and trust in their corporation increased. With their jobs streamlined, it fostered more opportunities for internal and external growth.

Millicare Social
Millicare Social

The Results

Millicare® is Stronger Than Ever

Now, MilliCare® is the strongest they’ve ever been with their franchise network rapidly expanding. They’ve also established a greater trust between their franchise owners and the corporation as a whole, which did not exist prior to AMBI’s work.

Two years ago, The Riverside Company invested in MilliCare but acknowledged that they had weak brand equity, and now, thanks to AMBI, that is not the case. We’ve found their X factor.

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