Bringing Lighting Brands to Life

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AMBI elevates brands for lighting manufacturers, lighting design firms, and architects with business-driven marketing and public relations strategies. Partnering with AMBI is a sure bet for lighting brands that want to lead the industry. When brands are innovating at a faster speed than ever, your marketing should be able to keep up. We know how to run—and win—that race.

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We are Lighting Experts

TM-30. R9. Optics. Form Factor. Luminaire. Daylight Harvesting. DALI. High Efficacy. Etcetera. You will never need to teach us lighting terminology from scratch because we come to the table prepared. From our agency’s inception, we have been word-smithing great ad copy with the technical vocabulary your customers speak and developing provocative, polished creative resources and campaigns to position your brand as a leader in the industry. In partnership with your product marketing experts, we are the collaborator you need.

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We Have the Proof

For every brand in our portfolio, you will see work that stands out in the lighting, architecture, and built environment marketing industry, each telling the story of a brand’s product and technology differentiators and the objective metrics required to directly impact business goals.

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